Frequently Asked Questions


Why is using an antimicrobial wound dressing important?

  • Antimicrobial dressings provide important benefits to both patients and clinicians. They kill a broad spectrum of microbes to help manage bioburden, reduce infection risk, and provide an optimal environment for wound healing2-6,8-10,15. Antimicrobial dressings can be an important component of an infection control strategy for patients and healthcare facilities.

Why choose Advanced Microcurrent Technology® (AMT)?

  • AMT is the only antimicrobial dressing technology in the world that is BioElectric.
  • Unlike any other antimicrobial wound dressing, AMT employs moisture-activated microcell batteries embedded in the dressing, which generate electricity to mimic the body’s physiologic electric fields1,13.
  • AMT-powered dressings kill a broad spectrum of harmful microbes within the dressing (including some antibiotic-resistant and biofilm-forming strains of bacteria) to help reduce the risk of infection2-5 and help maintain a moist wound environment, while supporting the body’s natural healing process6.

How much electrical current does Procellera® produce?

  • Procellera wirelessly generates 2-10μA (microamperes).

Can the microcurrents be felt?

  • No, the current is below the threshold of sensation.


When should I choose Procellera Single Layer Dressing versus Procellera Helix® Composite Dressing?

  • Procellera Single Layer is used for large or small acute or chronic wounds to support customizing dressing applications.
  • Procellera Helix Composite Dressing is recommended for surgical incisions and wounds that do not require frequent dressing changes.

What are examples of conductive media?

  • Sterile saline, sterile water, sterile wound hydrogel, or wound exudate.

Are there any guidelines for use of wound cleansing agents with Procellera dressings?

  • Follow common clinically accepted protocols for wound cleansing.

Is a skin prep recommended before the application of an adhesive dressing?

  • Skin prep use is optional. For application, follow the skin prep manufacturer’s Instructions for Use.

If I trim the single layer dressing to customize its fit, can I cut through a dot?

  • Yes. Note: Use sharp scissors to avoid fraying of the dressing.

What are examples of secondary dressings?

  • Waterproof, semi-permeable, and hydrogel-like dressings.

Can Procellera be used with other wound therapies?

  • Procellera supports standard care protocols with active therapies and devices. Consult your physician.

Can patients with pacemakers or ICDs use Procellera dressings?

  • Yes.


How do I order?

What sizes does it come in?

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  • For any additional questions, please refer to the Product Instructions for Use or Contact Us.